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Business Analysis

Unit 1: Introduction to Project Management
Unit 2: Business Analysis and Project Governance
Unit 3: Introduction to Agile Scrum
Unit 4: Introduction to Business analysis 
Unit 5: Gap Analysis
Unit 6: Requirements Gathering
Unit 7: BPMN / Process Mapping
Unit 8: Use cases

Unit 9: CV and Interview Workshop

Unit 10: Interview Preparations 

Unit 11: Use of digital tools; Jira, ADO, Trello, Visio, Lucid etc.

Unit 12: UAT

Unit 13: Digital Projects

Software Testing

Cypress Automation

Unit 1: Overview of Testing
Unit 2: Understanding Software Testing Concepts
Unit 3: Software Testing Approaches
Unit 4: Test Pyramids, SDLC & STLC
Unit 5: Test Plan and Design
Unit 6: Test case documentation and Test reporting
Unit 7: Introduction to project management tools
Unit 8: API Introductions and Types

Unit 9: REST API, Methods and Testing tools

Unit 10: API Testing, Automation and Reporting

Unit 11: Database introduction

Unit 12: Structured DB, SQL tools, SQL commands and MongoDB at a glance

Unit 13: Overview of GIT

Unit 14: Git control tool type 

Unit 15: Git control tool types 

Unit 16: Git commands

Unit 17: Concept of Branching

Unit 18: Concept of Automation

Unit 19: Introduction to Cypress

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